News and Reviews

Put out expertise to work for you.  At Quality Crate, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community as a premier provider of services for the California Central Coast.
"A job well done...  Top-rated among businesses..."

"...Our business process improved significantly after we moved our shipping crate business to Quality Crate Solutions.  High quality crates, always on time and always designed exactly to spec."  
"Best in class!  I wouldn't go anywhere else..."

"My job has gotten easier since we started working with Quality Crate Solutions.  They have consistently delivered crates that meet our specs and get our wine to it's International destinations in tact."  
"The free shipping and quantity discounts are great..."  

"We have saved a lot of money since switching to Quality Crate Solutions for our fruit crates.  We buy in quantity, get discounts and can always count on great products."  
"Quality Crate is the best place in town for customer service.  We are very happy with the results."  

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